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Put your music on shuffle and answer these questions! Once you’re done tag 10 followers!

1. Title of the first song you land on describes how you die
Me Chemical Romance-The Light Behind Your Eyes

2. Second song will describe your love life. what is it?

Kongos- I’m Only Joking

Does this mean I’m only joking with everything, whaat…
well my life is a joke, so why not

3. Third song will be playing at your wedding. what is it?
Imagine Dragons- I’m Bleeding Out

4. add “in my pants” to the title of the 4th song you land on! 
LIGHTS- Up We Go in my pants


5. 5th song will be playing at your funeral. What is it?
LIGHTS- Saviour

If I’m having a boring funeral, then yes I do need a Saviour, but otherwise Lights is a good choice anyway

6. 6th song is your theme song. What is it?
Kongos- I Want to Know

yup, I have no idea whats going on most of the time, works well

7. 7th song will play when you think of someone you love. What is it?
Imagine Dragons - Tiptoe

8. Add “with a shovel and a screwdriver” to the title of your 8th song!
LIGHTS- Suspension with a shovel and a screwdriver

heh, why not

9. 9th song will describe your week. What is it?
Lights - Oil and Water
Guess my last week was kinda like that, but this week is only half done atm…

10. 10th song will play when you miss someone. What is it?
Imagine Dragons - Demons

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